Lorentz H. Ryan

Managing Director

Ensure you have a safe and efficient pilotage with extremely tight maneuverability, even in poor visibility; at night, in fog, in rain or simply on a sunny day. If you are a Marine Pilot or Harbor Pilot make sure to pack your backpack with Lorentz’ state of the art products.

He founded AD Navigation AS in 2002, and Lorentz’ innovative products quickly caught up with some major clients in Ports all around the world. In 2005 AD Navigation joined the HITT Group of Companies. As of May 2018 AD Navigation is now a fully privately owned company. Lorentz has a Master degree in Geodesy from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences and lives in Tønsberg with his wife and two kids.

When he is not looking for the next big thing of services to our customers he likes to ski, trek or listen to music. Start a discussion about progressive rock from the -70’s or classical music, and the afternoon is loaded. Lorentz is also a keen speaker on Marine summits and is somewhat of a Grandfather for all the gifted Marine Pilots and the Global Navigation Satellite System Community – give him a call – today.