Technology for a wide range of applications

The modern pilot utilizes the state of the art PPU technology with local knowledge. A significantly higher level of safety and efficiency within the pilotage is the result. Below are examples from our ADX PPU customers .

Why choose the ADX Portable Pilot Unit?

Ultra Precise Lock Approach and Docking - every time!

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Approach and Docking at Zero visibility in Belgium

Over the years, Belgian pilots have been building up a unique level of knowledge and competence among their prime pilots. The trick is pairing the output from the reliable ADX XR system with local knowledge.

Approaching Port of Rotterdam with the largest vessel ever built

The 8th of January 2015 was a special day for AD Navigation: Pioneering Spirit, the largest vessel ever built arrived in the Port of Rotterdam. The Pioneering Spirit is 382m long and 124 meters wide.

How squeezed tolerances soothe the wallet

Utilizing the ultra-precise ADX XR from AD Navigation, makes it possible to squeeze the tolerances.

Ship Piloting - Dutch Pilot Organization

The World's Most Demanding Pilot Organisation is Standardising on the ADX PPU from AD Navigation.

Special Applications

The video shows an example of how the ADX XR system is utilized when special transport is taking place. In this case, massive wind turbine rotor blades are loaded onto the Offshore Windfarm Jack-Up "Neptune" for transportation. As the transport is passing through the narrow channel of Oostende, Belgium, the ultra-accurate ADX XR system is utilized for maximum security.